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We are a partnership style creative solution company
organized around Keiichi Tahara, world-renowned artist.

Keiichi Tahara
Born in Kyoto, 1951. Moved to France in 1972 and started to produce numbers of works
such as “City” Windrows”,“Portrait” “, “Piece”, ”Eclats” ,“光の意志“ ,“Corps”,
“Transparent”. Keiichi has expanded his work to light sculpture and light installation.
The awards he has received so fare are:
Grand Prix des Rencontres Arles Photographie (France, 1977)
Prix Kodak de la Critique Photographique en France (France, 1978)
Japan Professional Photographers Society Prize, (Japan, 1984)
1985 Higashikawa Prize and Ihei Kimura Awards (Japan, 1985)
Grand from Gulbenkian Art Foundation (1987)
Prix Nicéphore Niépce (France 1988)
ADC Prize (Japan, 1989)
Bourse Villa Medicis-Hors les murs (France, 1990)
Grand Prix de la Château Beychevelle, Franco-Japonaise (France, 1993)
Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres (France, 1993)
ADC Prize (Japan, 1994)
Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris (France, 1995)
Laureat Project, Vallée de la Chimie (Lyon, France, 1999)
Concours Festival Lumières, (Lyon, France)
Laureat Project, Vallée de la Chimie, (Lyon, France, 2003)
Talents du luxe, prix de l’originalité, (Paris, France, 2003)

Hiroko Kataoka

Masahiko Nagase
Born in Tokyo, 1964. Graduated Keio University, Faculty of Economics.
After being as a planner and editor at Recruit K.K. for 7 years, he became a freelancer.
Shortly after, Nagase established his company and has dealt with media and has closely worked
with project teams at Sony and Softbank. Currently Nagase is the editor of “Buyers Guide” and
support on branding local products and tourism,

Toru Ohno

Takami Mine

Keiko Nogami
Born in 1967, Osaka. Keiko studied architecture under Hisao Koyama at Tokyo University and
the graduate school. Keiko is involved in the campus planning at the university as well as the
design education. Keiko set up K-Keikac and focuses on designing to utilize existing
environment, education work at universities and research on Japanese gardens after working
with Kevin Waltz for 5 years as his assistant in Rome.

Art Direction
Takuya Kominami
Art Director at and Light K.K.
Born in Tokushima, 1972. As a freelancer, Takuya has been working with Keiichi since
he joined to L’Ange Noir, by World. and Light was founded in 2008.
“Piano Hearts by Les Freres” awarded the 50th National Catalogue and Posters Exhibition
Chairperson Prize.

Shin Matsumoto
Born in 1975, Aichi. While he was studying at Chiba Institute of Technology, he went to Italy
to study at Accademia Italiana. He worked at an architect office in Firenze. He won Pignola City
Façade Competition. Currently he designs furniture for Italian furniture companies, providing
art direction, and being involved in showroom design. He’s been back in Japan since 2010.
CEO of Shin Matsumot Design.

Reina Kano
After studying graphic design at Tama Art University , Reina started to work as a designer at
Human Interface System K.K. She’s been working as Keiichi’s assistant since 2008.

Yoshiko Tani